Press Release from the Rob Vine Fund - 25/03/2020

Following the cessation of Motor Sport on the Isle of Man in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic the Directors of the Rob Vine Fund, Registered Charity No.954 (Isle of Man) wish to inform the public of the Isle of Man that they have unanimously decided to make all our equipment available to support the Manx community. This means we can supply the DHSC with:

1. All of the medical equipment in storage for motor sport events on the Isle of Man. The list includes:
      • 4 Patient ventilators, suitable for Intensive Care use
      • 4 Multipurpose Patient Monitors for use on wards or Intensive Care
      • 5 Suction Units
      • 8 Adult Advanced Life Support Bags
      • 3 Paediatric Advanced Life Support Bags
      • 130 Immediate care cases (prepacked with lifesaving medical equipment)
      • 130 Scoop Stretchers
      • All extra medical equipment currently held in stock

2. We have made available our three frontline ambulances should they be required.
These assets have a total value of £750,000

3. The unpaid volunteers of the Hogg Motorsport Association are currently on standby to assist the Isle of Man Ambulance Service in any way they can.

We remain committed to supporting the Health Service and the Manx community while the Covid-19 Pandemic continues in any way we can.

We wish to thank everyone who has donated to the Rob Vine Fund which makes this gesture possible.

The Directors of the Rob Vine Fund.